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 Don't [b]EVER [/b]ask the question, what next?

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PostSubject: Don't [b]EVER [/b]ask the question, what next?   Fri Dec 10, 2010 2:38 am

Never rains but it poors, Murphy's Law, blah, blah!

Danny and I heard from one of his very good friends this morning that their little girl has Lukeamia (I don't know how to spell it and just don't care). She is only 3... OMG - what is going on in this world? I just don't think I can take anything else - though I know it's not about me, but crikey mitey, when does it stop?

I'm sure you can tell I'm not taking it well - so I can only imagine (actually no I don't think I can), how they are feeling seeing their poor ittle baby have Chemotherapy and test after test. Trying to explain to her older brother (he is 5) that his sister is sick, that Mummy has to stay in the Hospital with her and can't come home right now, that it isn't time to play etc.

Life is so unfair and I just want to scream - so I consider this my scream.... Mad Mad
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PostSubject: Re: Don't [b]EVER [/b]ask the question, what next?   Sat Dec 11, 2010 5:50 am

Oh dear Kel- that is every parents worst nightmare. How terrible for them all.
There just arent any words.
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PostSubject: Re: Don't [b]EVER [/b]ask the question, what next?   Mon Dec 13, 2010 12:05 am

that's sad Kel, as Rel said, every parent's nightmare. Sometimes life is really not fair
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PostSubject: Re: Don't [b]EVER [/b]ask the question, what next?   

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Don't [b]EVER [/b]ask the question, what next?
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