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 Its' another sunny saturday.....

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PostSubject: Its' another sunny saturday.....   Fri Nov 05, 2010 11:14 pm

Finally able to play on the computer in peace.
It's been a manic week, finally got on the road Monday so only had one night camping at Dartmouth. A trip down memory lane for Daren who worked up there in the late 70's.
we took bridie with us and she was great, obedient and NOT car sick.
Then on Tuesday went up to Hume weir to see the water - wonderful stuff.
Wednesday had to work - camera club AGM at night
Thursday went to Melbourne for my RPL interview. i was convinced that they were going to fail me (Drug and alcohol workers don't like mental health workers) but I pissed it in so now I don't have to do the November unit YEAH.
Thursday night was Girls Shed, a local craft group - and a real hoot.
Friday worked.

today we're off to the Tatong farmers market and will spend the rest of the day burning off and mowing lawns.

how are you both?
haning in there Kel?
what's on for your weekends?
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PostSubject: Re: Its' another sunny saturday.....   Sat Nov 06, 2010 12:12 am

Yay for the RPL Jen- that's great news!!

I've had a hard week- trying to catch up from having 2 days off, and the Annual Report had to be produced for work. I got it almost finished Thursday arvo so I printed it off and brought it home to proof read (48 pages!) and planned to pop in to work on my day off yesterday and print it. Unfortunately when I got to work yesterday MX Publisher could not open the file!!!!!!!!!!!! I rang every computer geek I knew and no one could help me. So I had a minor breakdown.... and spent most of the day crying whilst redoing the whole thing. (Thank Goodness no one else was around!). Picked Meg up from school and went back to work and eventually got it all finished just in time to go and get Tom! Needless to say I was in bed last night by 9.00pm from pure emotional exhaustion!

Today we have a wedding to go to (so happy for the bride that it's this weekend and not last weekend!). I think there might be a few tears at this wedding- the groom is the son of Steve's mate Bob who died just before we went away. I need to get off my bum and make a card!

Tomorrow is church and catching up on housework!
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PostSubject: Re: Its' another sunny saturday.....   Sat Nov 06, 2010 4:38 am

Oh dear, you and computers and AV equipment (and probably cameras in years to come!) do have a drama or two. i'm with you on the tears of frustration as this is my usual method of coping too!)
hope you have a lovely time at the wedding - always a good excuse for a good cry too.
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PostSubject: Re: Its' another sunny saturday.....   

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Its' another sunny saturday.....
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